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Eugene Weekly

"Rocket 3's songs are simple, direct, pop-inflected rock songs that are compulsively likeable. The guitars are fuzzy and occasionally psychedelic, Nagisetty's voice is gentle and dreamy and the drums are punchy and aggressive— recalling influences like The Shins, Veruca Salt and My Bloody Valentine."


Based on their melodic new album Burn, Rocket 3 is the kind of group that would have been ... sandwiched between Belly and They Might Be Giants. In fact, fans of Tanya Donelly who pine for the simple, clean pop of “Feed The Tree” would find a lot to like in Burn...Ramune Nagisetty’s vocals are just this side of delicate, ranging from the straightforward rock of Kristin Hersh to the breathy ethereality of Miki from Lush. Her voice works well with the band’s chunky pop-rock; her guitar... There are no gimmicks here, just solid, straightforward,refreshing, fun pop songs.

Willamette Week

The three-piece frequently nods toward its influences, with covers of the Velvet Underground, the Sex Pistols and My Bloody Valentine making their way onto the tracklist. Interspersed throughout, though, are standout originals that trade the "stuck-in-the-garage feeling" for that of reflective outdoor adventures. Take, for instance, "Catch Me," a track shaped by easy, breezy harmonies, a bouncy, almost surf melody and hopeful lyrics of new love. Then there's "Mountain Song," which floats along like a melancholy lullaby, riding gentle waves of minimal guitar, Nagisetty's heartbreaking croon and imagery of mountains and stars.  

Performer Magazine

...with atmospheric vocals, chirping guitars and '90s college rock in its veins, Rocket 3 conjures the alternative grungy Pacific Northwest specter with their guitar-fronted hooks and carefree, charmingly imperfect songwriting. Burn recalls '90s alt staples Belly, Beat Happening and the Breeders...  Rocket 3 charms with fearless attitude and historic reflection. 

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