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Everybody's Doing It
(single release 9/13/2019)

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Portland, Oregon’s Rocket 3 started in 2012 as the brainchild of Ramune, who was raised in a first generation immigrant family with a Lithuanian mother, an Indian father, and a Catholic and Buddhist upbringing. Their songs are simple, compulsively likeable, pop-inflected rock songs with lyrics that describe tough choices and unresolved emotions cloaked in optimism. The new 2019 single, Everybody’s Doing It, is a catchy pop punk anthem and is the perfect end-of-summer and back-to-school tune. “Play all your life and do what you like!”


Rocket 3’s self-released 2014 debut album, “Burn”, reached #76 in the CMJ top 200, earning the band critical acclaim and comparisons to Belly, La Sera, Blake Babies, and the Breeders. Their 2018 follow-up release “What’s the Frequency?” gathered further critical acclaim and new listeners. The title was a nod to both the R.E.M. song and to bass player Kenneth Foust, who joined the band in 2015 and shares songwriting duties with guitarist and lead singer, Ramune. Andrew Anymouse’s enthusiastic drumming adds to the pop punk spirit. Matt Jefferson has recorded and produced all of Rocket 3’s releases.


Rocket 3 has played hundreds of live performances in Portland since 2012. Their song “I See” was included on Portland’s 2017 PDX Pop Now! Compilation CD. The bandmates contribute more broadly to Portland’s music culture, with Ramune writing for the Portland Notes music blog. However, the band is most proud to have raised over $5K for the American Cancer Society through sales of their debut album, “Burn.”

Press quotes from their first album, Burn, released in 2014:

Rocket 3 is the kind of group that would have been ... sandwiched between Belly and They Might Be Giants. In fact, fans of Tanya Donelly who pine for the simple, clean pop of “Feed The Tree” would find a lot to like in Burn...Ramune Nagisetty’s vocals are just this side of delicate, ranging from the straightforward rock of Kristin Hersh to the breathy ethereality of Miki from Lush. Her voice works well with the band’s chunky pop-rock; her guitar... There are no gimmicks here, just solid, straightforward, refreshing, fun pop songs. -ELEVEN PDX

...with atmospheric vocals, chirping guitars and '90s college rock in its veins, Rocket 3 conjures the alternative grungy Pacific Northwest specter with their guitar-fronted hooks and carefree, charmingly imperfect songwriting. Burn recalls '90s alt staples Belly, Beat Happening and the Breeders... Rocket 3 charms with fearless attitude and historic reflection. -Performer Magazine

“Disarming, attractive pop summons Primitives, La Sera, Little Red Rocket, Nushu, and Baby Grand/Arts & Leisure comparisons. Nagisetty's fetching, affable coo even recalls LS's Katy Goodman” -Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover Magazine


"Rocket 3's songs are simple, direct, pop-inflected rock songs that are compulsively likeable. The guitars are fuzzy and occasionally psychedelic, Nagisetty's voice is gentle and dreamy and the drums are punchy and aggressive— recalling influences like The Shins, Veruca Salt and My Bloody Valentine." - Eugene Weekly

Portland, Oregon’s Rocket 3 are indie-pop practitioners of the highest order. Mastering the genre conventions as if they themselves had invented them, the songs on their debut LP, BURN, blast forth from the speakers like a thousand hipster angels descending from the heavens. Thanks in no small part to their especially angelic lead vocalist, Ramune Nagisetty, the band elevates her voice to otherworldly territory via the incessant interplay between playful bass lines and a bare-bones, smash 'n bash rhythm section not heard since the germinal days of punk. 


From their last album, What’s the Frequency?, released in 2018:

"A beautiful pop valentine" "If the world is gettin' ya down, this will fix you right up." -Marc Phillips, The Vinyl Anachronist 

"What’s the Frequency? is an overall perfect album- from the jingle-jangely opening track “I Choose Love”, right down to the closing track that is all about goodbyes known as “Evershine.” -Ron Trembath, Trainwreck'd Society 

"Catchy, effortlessly enjoyable" "Breezy, totally charming indie pop" -Matt Dinaro, Rock and Roll Portland OR

"Easily find their way into your musical heart" -JP's music blog

"It's rare that a band can produce so many songs that have universal appeal" -Gary Schwind, AXS

Dropbox presskit including audio files

High res album art

Band pic in color and bw

Lyrics and liner notes 



Band contact:

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Album credits and liner notes

Written by Kenneth Foust

Ramune Nagisetty: guitar and vocals

Kenneth Foust: bass

Andrew Anymouse: drums

Recorded, engineered, and produced by Matt Jefferson at Make Music or Die Studios in Portland, Oregon

Radio Edit mastered by John Scrip at Massive Mastering and original mastered by Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio

Artwork by Ero Gray

Copyright 2019

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